How Long Will Your Windows Stay Clean?

window cleanerThe other day, I was cleaning windows in Chatham and the home owner asked me how long her windows would stay clean after I washed them. Since her house wasn’t surrounded by trees that would deposit pollen and sap, I said that I think they should stay clean for a good 9 months. She was surprised. She told me the last time they were cleaned, they resoiled within a couple of months.

I asked her if the last window cleaners used a sudsy, soapy window cleaning solution. She said that they really sudzed up the windows and, in fact, left foam in the window sills and ledges.

I told her that a lot of window cleaners use dish soap and water as their solution. I told her that while this solution does a great job of removing dirt and oil, it also leaves a film (glycerin). This glycerin film is sticky and will attract dirt and moisture to the glass over time.

I reassured her that I do not use dish soaps to clean windows with. I use only a low-sudsing, non-toxic, biodegradable window cleaning solution that gives off no-fumes (i.e. ammonia, alcohol) and will not damage people, pets or plants.

Plus, my solution makes glass shine like no other and leaves the glass residue free so that it will stay cleaner longer. In fact, I often hear from customers that their windows have remained clean longer than they ever have with other companies.

I think that with the constant salt sprays coming of the ocean, houses in Cape Cod will need their windows cleaned more frequently than if they were more inland. However, with the correct cleaning solution, the salt spray will not be as likely to stick to the windows causing them to be re-soiled prematurely.