Additional Services


light fixture cleaningScreen Repair

Life can take a toll on your window screens. We can repair your screens for you and have your windows looking great in no time.


High Cleaning

Whether dusting in a hard-to-reach area or cleaning high light fixtures or chandeliers, we can get those out-of-reach places for you.


Property & Home Checks

Whether you are going on vacation, in the event of a winter storm, or you just need someone to keep an eye on your summer home in the offseason, we can check up on your home and property while you are away. Click here for more info.


Gutter Repair

In addition to gutter cleaning, we also do minor gutter repair. We fix leaky gutters, tighten and/or refasten loose gutter hangers, fix leaking and clogged downspouts, and install elbows, straps, and extenders when needed. Click here for more info.


Gutter Whitening

Your gutters won’t stay pristine looking forever. Over time, they will accumulate grime from being exposed to the elements. We clean the exterior of your gutters to keep your house looking great. Click here for pricing and info.


Hard Water and Salt Stain Removal

It’s common in New England for salt and hard water to leave mineral deposits on glass. Over time, these deposits can begin to stain the coating on the glass and even the glass itself, leaving spots and hazy build-up that won’t come off with a normal cleaning.

We can safely and effectively remove hard water and salt stains without damaging the glass or coatings on high-efficiency windows. Click here for pricing and info.

Solar panel cleaning


Solar Panel Cleaning

Over time, the surface of your solar panels can become covered in dirt, dust, and pollen causing a reduction in their efficiency. Regular cleaning can ensure that you are getting the most out of your solar panels.


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