Gutter Cleaning Services

Cape Cod Gutter CleaningProperly cleaning and maintaining your home’s gutters is an essential task. Clean, properly functioning gutters divert rainwater which prevents:

* damage to siding

* ice damming

* rotting of fascia

* foundation erosion and flooding of basement


Just scooping out the debris from the gutter channel isn’t enough. Sparkle King inspects and (when necessary) fixes the entire gutter system including:

* clearing gutter downspouts

* sealing / fixing leaks in elbows

* tightening / repairing gutter hangers




First story* = $1.50 per linear foot

Second story* = $2.00 per linear foot

Third story* = $2.50 per linear foot

To clean under gutter guards = +20%


– Minimum charge of $75.

– Additional fee for removal of gutter guards or strainers may apply.


*All stories consist of no more than 12 feet in height. Example: If the gutters on the first floor of your home are 16 feet high, they will be considered second story.


– We also do gutter whitening, and gutter repair click here to find out more.