Gutter Repair

example of gutter with a leak in it’s seam

In addition to gutter cleaning, we also do minor gutter repair. We fix leaking gutters, tighten and/or re-fasten loose gutter hangers, fix leaking and clogged downspouts, and install elbows, straps, and extenders when needed.

After all, it makes no sense to have clean gutters if they are leaking. The purpose of your gutter system is to redirect the rain from your house and move it to a safe distance from the perimeter of your house so that you do not get water into your basement and erosion of your foundation.

Poorly functioning gutters can rot out your fascia and soffits, leak down your siding causing mold/rot issues, and at the worst, cause erosion of your foundation and leaking of water into your basement.

If you have a soggy backyard, that may be a good indication that your gutter system is not working properly.

Unfortunately, we do not do repairs to curtain drains, but we can make sure the gutter is not clogged where it connects to the beginning of the curtain drain. Unfastening the screw that holds the downspout onto the curtain drain pipe, we can flush the downspout out from the bottom ensuring that you are getting good water flow into the curtain drain.

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