Hard Water Stain Removal

hard water staining

On Cape Cod and the shores of Massachusetts hard water and salt staining is very common. If you’ve tried cleaning your windows but still see spotting or streaking it is likely due to hard water staining. This is found most often on windows on the water-view side of the house or in areas where sprinklers may hit the windows.

If left untreated, hard water stains can continue to do damage to your glass and the coatings on your glass potentially causing permanent damage. The good news is that most hard water staining can be removed and your glass returned to like-new condition.


Our pricing for hard water stain removal may vary depending on the severity of the damage, however the pricing below can be used as a general guideline for minor to moderate staining:


For double-hung and average sized windows = $4.00 per pane

For small windows = $2.00 per pane

For large windows = $6.00 – $10.00 per pane


*Pricing above is in addition to, not including, the price of window cleaning.