Maintenance Window Cleaning

Maintenance window cleaning is available to all of our existing customers to keep your view looking great throughout the year.

This is an especially great supplement to your annual cleaning if your home is close to salt water, gets heavy pollen, before special events, parties, or holidays, or to wash away winter salt and grime.

During a maintenance clean, we clean only the exteriors of the windows using our European Pure Water System. So, if we’ve already cleaned your windows this year, but over time you’ve noticed salt, pollen, and/or dust accumulating on them again, we can refresh your view for a fraction of the time and cost of a normal window cleaning.




Maintenance cleaning pricing


*We try our best to give you an accurate estimate of our services. However, window cleaning pricing is subject to change due to unforeseen conditions. We will let you know of any price change before we begin work.
** $100 minimum charge applies.