Screen Cleaning Method

cleaning-window-screensWe clean screens the good old fashioned way – getting them wet and soapy, providing thorough but gentle agitation with a soft bristled brush, rinsing them completely clean and, finally, wiping all the edges of the screen with a terry cloth towel to remove any leftover grime or marks.

After cleaning screens for several years, we have tried every kind of cleaner to see what works best. I have contacted window cleaners throughout the country to discuss the finer points of screen cleaning and am confident that your screens will be as clean they can be when we are done with them.

Some parts of the country can get away with a dry brushing of the window screens. However, Cape Cod, being the “chin” jutting out into the Atlantic gets more than it’s share of corrosive salty air hitting the screens as well as all the pollen from it’s many trees.

Many of my customers seem to care more about getting the screens and sills clean than the glass of the windows!